Customer Support

Always available by telephone and email, the experienced support team is with you every step of the way.

NCG CAM includes comprehensive online help pages for every feature. Access the Online Help by clicking of the help button on the dialogue page you are having trouble with, or the help drop-down menu on the toolbar to view the index. If you do not find the answers to your problem in any of the resources provided, feel free to contact us.


A major consideration when investing in CAD/CAM is the training requirement.

Each new customer is trained individually and not in a group classroom environment. The training works at the trainees' pace, ensuring that the tutorial-based course content is completed with a good degree of understanding. The courses range from entry level to advanced; custom training courses can be arranged and are typically based around the customer's real-world job.

Software Maintenance

Complete support, along with software upgrades, is offered as an annual per-seat maintenance contract at competitive rates. NCG CAM systems are connected to a wide variety of machine tools.

Software Issues

Software quality is extremely important to us, so we're interested in your software issues whether or not you have a current maintenance contract. If you have found a problem with the software, please send as much detail as possible to The more detailed information you can provide, the faster we can look at it, the full version number (find this in the Help > About NCG CAM menu) is very important, the operating system. If you can attaching the example is all the better (it will be treated as confidential information).